November 06, 2009

Things that Make You Go Uhmmmm

I’m leaving my regular Friday evening establishment, where I’ve had my usual TGIF drink with some good & dear friends. It was a good day at work. We had fun, good conversation and margueritas plus a chocolate fudge with a cherry on top. It’s a lovely night in Beirut.
Not my picture, but lifted from this blog.
The weather is mellow and fresh after a week of rain, and the crowd is out in force on the Corniche. The government is providing electricity tonight, which adds a wonderful yellow hue to the warm night, and the street lights are like pearls on a string, all along from the Hard Rock Café all the way to AUB and around the corner. The ‘corn on the cob’ sellers are out, and the kids with pink bicycles are circling their parents. It’s the beginning of the weekend. The mood is good!

The owner of the establishment is a very friendly and becoming gentleman, one of the 90-something brothers of the man that the George Bush has been after with a vengeance for some eight years now. Without much success I might add, but then again, Bush is not exactly known for his rate of success. He happens to see me leaving in my car and says: “Nice wheels.” And I’m like, 'Hmmm.'

I so absolutely love this town. I know this place’s got ‘issues’, but they’re well worth it. This is going to be a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

You met a Bin Ladin? There are Bin Ladins in Beirut? oh that's bloody great!

angie nader said...

enjoy your weekend!

Fadi said...

FYI, the new way of saying drinks after work is "awrink".

Laura said...

I love the way you speak about this Country. It helps me to understand it, even if I don't live over there.
Thank you.
I'm becoming so addicted to your blog!