October 31, 2009


The horizon is defined as the dividing line between the Earth and the sky. When I was living in Holland, I was living mainly in the city, and rarely got to see that line, unless I’d go up north. Here in Beirut I live by the sea, so technically I see the (water) horizon on a daily basis. But the humidity (and pollution) is rather high in town, and the horizon line is often so blurred that you can’t really tell where the sea ends and the sky begins.But after a really good rain shower, like the ones of yesterday, the sky is ‘swept clean’ so to speak, and you can see everything clear; the mountains, the other side of town, and the horizon. Sharp as anything.Today was a beautiful day. Hana's school celebrated the annual outdoor Halloween OctoberFest, and the sun was shining all day long. Had dinner outside on the balcony, and just as we got to desert, it started to rain and thunder. Perfect timing. Perfect Saturday. Perfect Fall.

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