October 30, 2009


The rains have started. Finally. It seems we’re a little late on the rains this year, although I remember last year’s Halloween to be a bright and shiny day as well.
I like rain. We Northerners do. The locals do not greatly care for it, but I like the rains. There is, of course, always the instant worry that, while you’re not at home, something floods. Rains here are not like rains in Holland. In Holland, we’re experts at ‘motregen’; constant drizzle. In Lebanon, what should fall in two weeks time, in general comes down in like a 20-minute ‘down pour’. When it rains like this, somehow it makes Beirut look like a real city.


angie nader said...

i love the rain!

Miss Footloose said...

As a fellow Dutchie Northerner, I know what you mean about the drizzle rain that is so much a part of the Dutch weather.

I remember living in the tropics in Indonesia and West AFrica and the downpours we had there. I actually liked them because it refreshed everything. Although you also ended up with green mold growing on your shoes in the closet.

And when I lived in Ramallah, Palestine, it wouldn't rain for months on end, so when it finally did come it was a great relief.

I'm in the US right now and we've been having some cloudy, rainy days and I always refer to them as "Dutch weather."

Wel gezellig, soms!

Anonymous said...

i loved your blog, i wish i could say welcome to Lebanon but come to think about it, you've been in Lebanon for quite a while and you're a Lebanese now :) perhaps more than some Lebanese are!