September 17, 2009

Nothing New Happening

I don’t have much to say, but I don’t want you to think I’m not blogging. I’m just too busy. So I'll go for Beirut scenery.It looks almost like the grocery store of a dollhouse.

P.S. Liliane asked what kind of camera I use. Well, I have a fantastic professional Sony. However, the things weighs a ton, and is a hassle to schlepp around, so all these blog pictures are made with my very simple & ultra-light from-the-hip-shooting Sony Cybershot (DSC-W200). I have dropped it more times than I can remember, it's got dents and scratches all over, but it works. Do't know for how long. Got my eyes longingly on a new one.


Anonymous said...

Look what I found on the Magnum blog website: an entry from Bruce Gilden on home foreclosures in Detroit, and he writes: "Certain areas look like Berlin after World War II or like Beirut. Something is wrong here."

Do you need to talk to Bruce? Y.

Liliane said...

then i must say that you are one hell of a photographer, like wow! really (am very eloquent with words lol)

Really if you can do that with a cybershot, then i can imagine what you can do with the professional one, the colors, the framing, the right capture of the right moment, kudos :)

check out my really modest attempts when you got time!