March 01, 2009

Beirut on a Sunday Afternoon

Random pictures of Beirut on a Sunday afternoon, 5:30 P.M.
I took a different route today while walking that pesky little dog of my daughter. There are some benefits to this dog (though precariously few); you have to take a walk twice a day. And so you get to see things.


kellie said...

Beautiful. I particularly like the bottom one, like a rusty beached ocean liner.

techcrunch said...

Beirut start of Orient my love to Lebanon and to Lebanese people

ms. tee said...

Beautiful photos. But why on earth is there a barrier in the middle of corniche sidewalk in the second to last photograph?

Kheireddine said...

Ms Tee,

I think that picture was taken on curve when going up from Sporting Club to Dbaybo, the sidewalk is narrow there.

Seitske, I recognize that building (40's architecture). It is at the intersection of Salaheddine Al Ayoubi st and Kalaa St (Caracas)