February 24, 2009

Waltz with Bashir

I watched Waltz with Bashir’ the other night. Officially the movie is banned in Lebanon. Israeli products are illegal in town. Besides, it seems the phalangists, who are blatantly accused (well, wasn’t this public knowledge already since September 1982?) of carrying out the Sabra-Chatilla massacre, are not too pleased with the product either.Of course that doesn’t mean much in a country where nothing is allowed but everything is possible. And so the banned copies are on sale everywhere. Counterfeit of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way. That makes me a double offender, no doubt, although not really, 'cause we received it from a friend.

But if you live in Beirut, know a little bit about the history and the scenery of this place, I suggest you pick up your copy. I thought it was quite impressive for a documentary/movie. I recognized not only lots of places, but also events, and habits/moods.

It does teach you a lot about the resilience of human nature. Lebanese side, of course. We were all quiet after the movie. That doesn’t happen very often in my household.


nicolien said...

Yeah, it will also teach you that Israeli introspection goes as deep as a crime committed by the Phalangists (and no further).

But guess what the Lebanese Special Criminal Branch has been up to? :)


techcrunch said...

Made by and in Israel that is what I can say by a criminal of humanitarian

Anonymous said...

Mmm i would recommend that you watch "Persepolis" too (though it's in french .. :/ )
and umm one more thing, elie hobeika (head of the Phalangists during this massacre) got assassinated after he declared he had evidence of direct Israeli involvement in the massacre, "A Belgian senator, Josy Dubie, was quoted as saying that Hobeika had told him several days before his death that he had "revelations" to disclose about the massacres".

Not defending anybody here just setting the facts straight.

Anonymous said...

Perception is Reality. Now let's sit back and relax, let the flaming begin... Y.

_z. said...

I saw the movie in Montreal. I can tell you that the theater was also silent at the end of the movie. and no one stood up to leave for like 2 or 3 minutes.

It is a very nice movie, underlining the randomness of the IDF, and implications of the phalangists in the massacre, but as you state it: nothing we didn't know.

I really loved the animation, but to my mind, it kept away a lot of facts, and should be considered "a" documentary, not "the" documentary, as it tells one side of the story, and the implications of only one group in the massacre.

Anonymous said...

Um, it was a documentary about his personal war experience.

He can't be introspective about anything beyond his experience. And for all he went through he dug very deeply and was open and honest about it. The IDF did not come across as so innocent, and neither should anyone else in Lebanon, Palestine etc... as well, for that matter.

Kheireddine said...

Waltz with Bashir is on Utube now