December 31, 2008


We’re being hit by a northern storm right now. It will be snowing as low as 1,000 meters today (the cedars are at 2000 and above). The highway peddlers in Beirut have resorted to selling earmuffs instead of their usual silly merchandise of CD’s, shaving machines and alarm clocks. Mind you, it is still 12 degrees Celcius here in Beirut, nowhere near as cold as in Holland now. But for Beirutis, that’s COLD!
The ski slopes of Feraya haven't opened yet, but probably will tomorrow morning. My brother sent me a movie of the family skating on natural ice. That doesn’t happen very often anymore, natural ice. We don’t do skating here in the Middle East (although we do have an ice skating rink near Jeitah), but I can offer him a sledding movie instead.


Rami said...

That's bad news to whoever will be spending the new year's eve at faraya! :D
Some of my friends here in the company are raging because they doubt they can reach the appartments they rented in faraya due to the bad weather. Especially that they don't have 4x4 cars!

Happy new year :)

Anonymous said...

Super, hebben we hier niet. Misschien een 11-steden?


Nour K said...

Wait, are you sure we still have an ice skating rink? If you're talking about the one in Zouk I'm pretty sure they closed it years ago… no?

Anonymous said...


Kheireddine said...

Happy New Year Dear Seitske!
Here in Montreal it is now -14C with windchill of -23C!!!

Anonymous said...

This is what we do: