November 04, 2006

Trip to the South

This could be Afghanistan, after an earthquake,

but it is Bint Jbeil (85 km south of Beirut) , destroyed for about 75%.

Natural light under the bridge

This must have been the house of a psychedelic family. Or maybe pink, purple and red were on sale.

This is the south too. Banana plantations and orange groves, as far as the eye can see. And white sandy beaches.

And martyrs by the dozen. Usually they display them, one at a time, on bill boards with some roses around it, or another non-descriptive background, and post them on electricity poles alongside the road. SO you drive like five kilometers with one martyr after another.
But I assume this latests war has inflicted a heavy toll on their ranks, so now they post them by the dozen (20 actually). Maybe it saves time and space. Looking down upon them are Hassan Nasrallah (left), head of Hezbollah, and if I am correct, the man on the right is Khamanei, Iran's spiritual leader (he followed in Khomeiny's footsteps).

I went down south today to do a story on the reconstruction efforts. I'll write it tomorrow.

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Laila said...

Yes, that's Khamenei. According the law, he is the leader of the country and is given a huge power to ok or to cancel whatsoever thing you may think of. The difference with Khomeini is that he never got to have the same charisma as Khomeini gained. On the contrary, the people don't take him seriously and there are lots of jokes and anecdotes about him. There are rumors that he is addicted to opium and of course there are jokes about his incapability to run the country. I believe whatever he is, he is not incapable; during the recent years, he and his gang have succeeded to suffocate or to push back all opponents within the system.
Anyway, this kind of billboards are typical signs of propaganda all over our country- very familiar scene for us Iranians.