November 23, 2006

There Isn't Much To Say Really

The guy on the left is holding a poster with on top a picture of Bashir Gemayel, the victim's uncle. He died in a massive bomb in 1982, just days away of entering the office of President of Lebanon. Rumour has it they could only identify him by his nose. Below it is his nephew, Pierre Gemayel, who got killed this week.

There isn’t much to say really. I know these are the realities of the Middle East, but still it is sad. A 34 year old guy – father of two kids - liquidated. To think that my husband was only 35 when he got married, and this guy is already in his grave. Remind me to tell my son never to go into politics in Lebanon. Today’s funeral easily gathered a couple of hundred thousand people. Whether it approached the numbers of the March 14 march of last year, (which according to some estimates reached a million) I don’t think so. It was a beautiful day though, and come to think of it, every single funeral has been in perfect weather conditions. Hariri‘s funeral (February). Tueni’s funeral (December) and now Gemayel’s funeral (November) were all held in months when the weather can get really nasty. But for some reason, we’ve had clear skies on funeral days. Odd, isn’t it?

On another note, my parents finally made it to Lebanon. It took them a good three days, don’t ask me why. My mother was fuming. “Because of one asshole,” she said (I think she is talking about Ousama Bin Laden), they are ‘touching’ her at every airport. I think she means ‘strip searching.’

The marathon - the reason why my 91 year old father flew in - was postponed. Ahum.

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