July 02, 2006


Eddie, very disappointedly, quietly removed his Brazilian flag from the balcony last night. So who do we cheer for now?
One Lebanese blogger wrote; "Brazil lost? hahaha. So who is 98.76% of the Middle East going to support now?" I think I’ll be in France around the time of the finals, so let’s vote for France. That will be some Quatorze Juillet if they win.

When Holland was still in the World Cup, I watched the soccer matches at the Riviera beach. Not that soccer interests me very much, not at all as a matter of fact, but to watch it with a group of Dutch is a load of fun. So I watched more for the group spirit than for the game. Then we got kicked out by those weasely Portuguese, which was the end of the soccer watching for me.
But you do not really need to actually watch the game in Beirut; you’ll find out the score without ever watching a single game. The streets will tell you. You just wait till the honking cars with flags circle around.
Yesterday I had a party in the mountains, and the male participants were pretty devastated when they figured out the host had cable television, but not the right one; they couldn’t watch the soccer game. Oh boy, now they actually had to converse with the other people. Still no worries, we were way high up, and at the end of the match we could see the fireworks erupt absolutely all over Beirut! I don’t think you see this kind of fireworks at New Years Eve.

Last night, I happened to be at home for a change, and decided to actually watch the game Brazil – France on TV. Took me quite some time to locate the right channel (of the 764 something channels. Who needs that many channels?), but we finally got it.
It’s hot in Beirut right now, and everyone was watching with their windows open. Next door is the Canadian beach, so called because it’s a building with a lot of Canadian’s living there, who use the roof as beach. Yesterday was Canada Day, so they had a big BBQ + the usual fireworks, and the atmosphere was heating up. Anyway, we did hear other households in the neighborhood cheering, but since they cheered at moments when our soccer game was not going anywhere, we assumed they were watching another game. How odd, I was wondering.
Until cheering went up all over the friggin’ neighborhood. And what do you know? 3 seconds later, France scored a goal on my screen. It seems my cable has a 3 second delay. So now I really don’t have to watch the games anymore, because I know in advance whether the ball will go in or not. I guess I’ll give up.

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