July 03, 2006

Have a Great Summer!

Greetings from 33°53’39 N & 35°28’28 E (courtesy of Google Earth), the heart (or actually 'head', if you want to go for exact translation) of Beirut.
The bug exterminator - a guy with a little truck that expells gigantic clouds of foul smoke all over the neighborhood - woke us up at 6:00 AM this morning! It promises to be a long, hot and humid summer over here. No rest for the wicked.
The three of us will therefore be heading for the Motherland in a while, so hubby can enjoy a long vacation from us, yep yep, while we will spend some time at 52°05’10 N & 5°11’47 E, then descend to 44°24’52 N & 1°12’31 W, and after that I do not know where the wind will take us this summer. I might blog, sporadically so. I am taking a 1993 laptop with me, which doesn't have wifi, hifi and mabaarifshoe, all that stuff. Still has a floppy drive. Anyone wishing to reach me/us, call my parents.
Adios and have a great summer!


jooj said...

That is a lovely pic Sietske. Mashallah beautiful kids!

Hope you enjoy your time.

Bashir said...


I have quoted part of your post on anti-semitism in last week's round-up of the Lebanese blogosphere. Published on the "Global Voices Online". (A copy is also on my blog)

BTW your posts are interesting.
Best wishes on your vacation.

Anoesh said...

How hard to take look at ur weblog now...Hope all is okay... Know ur in Holland but thought maybe you wrote something in the meanwhile.

Heel veel sterkte en al het beste!