June 15, 2006

Band Performance

Eddie had a band performance last night at his school.
On his way to the performance.
You couldn’t have missed it; the Infinities, ML320’s, Wagoneers, Pathfinders, Nissan Patrol, Range Rover Discoveries, Pajeros, Hummers and Porsche Cayennes were triple parked on the beach boulevard and the traffic jam it caused was backed up all the way to the lighthouse. I realize that the roads in Beirut are often ‘treacherous’, and that traffic conditions and drivers’ behavior requires a ‘safe’ vehicle, but it does not explain the massive number of SUV’s and 4x4’s you see in town. Now I have one too, albeit a modest one, but I’ve got stuff to transport; a dog, the annual Christmas tree, kids, diving gear, tiles for the plumber, bicycles, you name it. Besides, I tend to be oblivious (according to hubbie) of potholes, ditches, speed bumps and other minor obstacles on the road. I would therefore need a tank to drive, and my car is the closest that got to a vehicle that was sturdy, yet not pretty. Pretty would make it attractive for car thieves. Mine’s so butt-ugly I don’t even lock it anymore. It doesn’t have a car stereo, everything is manual, no airbags, plastic upholstery, and on you go. The only thing they could steal is mydancing Elvis’ swinging from the rear-view mirror. Mine cost 500 pounds (€0.26) at the 1$ store, but in the UK they charge you £7.99. (22,000 LBP or €11.65).

The performance was lovely, would have loved to paste the entire film here, but it would take days to download it, so you’ll have to take my word for it. Hana was going to attend, but fell asleep on the balcony just before we were leaving.

And the bathroom is nearing completion (after two weeks in the dust), there isn't even a door in the thing anymore, I got dust all over the house. We are getting somewhere. Except that the tiler is suddenly five tiles short, and the shop doesn't have anymore. Sh*t.

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Ghassan said...

sounds like a lovely day in Beirut.