June 11, 2006

1-0 Part II

Two avid Dutch soccer fans showing off their colors in Beirut. Now that hand . . . . . yes, that hand. I'm pretty sure it is your hand, Theo . And I thought . . . . . . Theo?

The Dutch in Beirut got together somewhere in Monot (de uitgaanswijk van Beiroet), to watch the game against Serbia. (We thought a player with a name like Milosovic had to be wrong. Didn't that guy just die?) And we all had to sneak in with our orange drab, as in Beirut these days orange is associated with ‘the general’, a former general who has recently shacked up with the Hezbo-la-lahs. But that did not spoil the fun. We won; 1-0
My thanks to Ronald Voorn of Heineken Lebanon, who hosted the afternoon. So everybody out there, drink Heineken!

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