May 22, 2006

Housekeeper needed!

Oh misery oh misery! I am in the market for a new housekeeper!

My housekeeper, a Phillipino lady, has succeeded in something that most Lebanese can only dream of; a visa to the US! Don’t ask me how she did it, but she did.

So after four years working with me, she’s off to brighter horizons. Well, I don’t know about that, but she sure is on her way to more money. Which is, after all, the whole point of going overseas and spending years and years away from your family and children. This one is a very smart cookie. This must be her 13th year overseas. She now is the proud owner of a big piece of land somewhere in the Philippines, and she showed me the house she has invested in in the city; a cute white, two story place. I’d rather have her stay, but can’t offer her the salary she is going to make as a live-in maid in the States. So adios it is.

And boy, are we going to feel it when she is gone. We are pretty much handicapped without her. She has run our entire house for four years like a general. She can cook just about anything; dinner for two or dinner for twenty, no problemo. She has businesses on the side (selling fake jewelry, for one), and we often call her the ‘consul’, as she mediates for just about half of the Phillipino community in town. She knows Beirut like the pocket of her pants, has a fantastic sense of humor, and is quite wicked. The janitor downstairs is scared shitless of her, which is an excellent thing as that guy is your ultimate dog.
On Sundays, when she’s having her day off, our household comes to a grinding halt. Children do not get fed, don’t have their nap on time, we cannot find anything, and we are overall pretty much lost without her.
She’s said she’ll stay until the new housekeeper has been properly introduced into our peculiar habits, but then she is off to Miami Beach, Florida (of all places!).

So the question is: Does anyone know of a Phillipino lady that would like to take her job? We’re really easy!


Theo said...

vergat ik je te melden aan de telefoon, maar ik heb je nummer doorgegeven aan een aardig Filipijns kind dat ik tegen kwam bij Spinneys. Zij zocht een nieuwe madame, en jij een nieuwe maid.
Hoop dat het iets wordt.
Ze wilde ook mijn nummer, maar je weet, in vrouwen, en zeker in dat soort vrouwen, zie ik niets. Heb het dus bij jouw nummer gelaten!

Michael van Eekeren said...

Wat een leven, een huishoudster, 6 dagen per week, nu begrijp ik waarom je niet meer terug wil naar Nederland. Je bent gedoemd te blijven wonen in een land waar dit soort mensen betaalbaar zijn.
Heb je al een nieuwe, is die van Theo iets? Want ik maak me wel zorgen, als dat maar goed gaat.