April 03, 2006

Trombone Surprise!

Eddie had a special school day today. Instead of studying, he had to show his Mom around and explain her what he was doing and learning in class, and how everything worked. I learned lots of stuff from Eddie today.

Some of the highlights:
* Integers (the less said the better)
* He can open the number lock of his locker in less than 4 seconds. His locker was surprisingly neat.

The lockers

* He buys his lunch in a ridiculously overpriced school cafeteria! (Evil men making tons of money of children’s’ pocket money).
* He can make a debit/credit excel worksheet and keep track of his income, making it add and subtract the added posts all by itself.

But what I thought was the nicest one of all is – and this is the first time I hear about it - that he can assemble (and disassemble) a trombone, read notes, and actually play a piece of music with the instrument, and quite well too! So here’s a big hurray for Eddie and his music teacher! Thank you Carol! Here’s my future musician.


Ysbrand said...

So on the camping this summer he can sound the 'dinner-is-ready-horn'? OK then bring the trombone!

Michael van Eekeren said...

Met een trombone de Red Hot Chilli Peppers en de Crahs Test Dummies achterna? Die kant gaat het wel op.