March 29, 2006

Solar Eclipse

Today we are going to experience a total solar eclipse, somewhere around noon. This is going to be one interesting event. Earlier I reported that during a partial eclipse, some years ago, the entire population hid inside for the entire eclipse, because the government – or some other idiot – had said that looking at the sun could turn you blind. Well, it could, potentially, but what idiot would?
Nothing could be more educational – especially if you are studying space and solar and lunar eclipses, but it was not to be. The government has advised that all school sends their students home before the actual event. Some schools are even closed for the whole day, most for half a day. Eddie has school, luckily, and his teacher has got the special glasses, so he’s going to observe the entire event. Cookie however, has to stay home. That’s going to be a ‘hafleht bikke’, as they say here (festival of tears).
More on it later.

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