March 16, 2006

Clear Day

They say that on a clear day you can see Cyprus from Beirut, which lies a mere 150 kilometers from here, I have been told. Well, I’ve lived here for 16 years now, and almost always with a sea view, but I’ve never been able to see Cyprus.
Maybe it’s this global warming thing, but no Cyprus in view. You’re lucky if you get to see the other side of the bay. During the winter it is cloudy, and during the summer it’s so humid that you cannot even see across the bay. And if it isn’t humidity, then it is pollution, but it’s often hazy to see even across Beirut, let alone Cyprus. At night though, you can see the lights of East Beirut really good. Reminds me of Monaco every time I see it. Gives me a very rich feeling. For a fantastic shot of the same picture but then at night, click here.
But right after a heavy rain storm, like the one this night, the air is absolutely clear. And this is what you see. I am on the picture too. It was 5:00 P.M., coming out of work, so my shadow’s a bit long.
I know I am lucky that I live here when I see 47 Japanese tourist walking down my street, cameras in action, little hats for sun cover, and sturdy white sneakers, on their way to the beach boulevard. I mean, they’re coming all the way to Japan, to see the view that I see every single day, going from work, and going back home. And I actually have that same view when I wake up, when I shower, when I drink coffee, have dinner in the evening and I could go on a little longer.

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