March 15, 2006

As I am overloaded - once again - by work, got like 17 piles here on my desks, some more in my bag and several on my desk at work, I do not have much time to think of anything sensible to say. ‘Not that you have anything sensible to say when you do have the time’, I hear my brother think. I am trying to add an image to the header of my blogs – for five days now already – without much success. I did finally manage to upload an mpeg file to my blog. More will follow.
I leave it at that, and will just post some old pictures in the meantime. This one is of Eddie jumping off the jumping board on the beach in Beirut. ‘Beach’ is a strange word really, it does not involve sand in Beirut (sandy beach can be found on the south and north side of Beirut.) The only sandy beach IN Beirut is a public beach and as such virtually inaccessible for women in bikinis. Or bathing suits.Actually, it is very accessible; you just won’t be left alone. A beach in Beirut is a slab of concrete with a pool in it. They’re not cheap either, ranging from cheap (6,000 LBP or $4) to top of the range 20,000 LBP ($13). The less fortunate have to use the public beach, which does not get cleaned up, or the rocky shores of the Corniche, which you can see at the background. They were empty that day because it was a bit cloudy. This was in October of last year.

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