May 12, 2013

Kick-Ass Housekeeper Part III

First Place for Aregu in overall and age category!!!

I have been busy with many things, but none of it is much worth blogging about. (“Now that has never kept you from blogging in the past,” I hear you say). Usually something significant comes up, or interesting, and there’s your blog entry. But no such thing.
Aregu & Team mates
It was all very mundane stuff. I went to a Dutch Quiz Night right here in Hamra, and won first place with my team, organized the hula costumes for my daughter’s Hawaiian Hula Dance group (she’s got a dance teacher from Hawaii) , had a cousin over from France, and am currently hosting the son of another cousin of mine from Holland,  got the sailboats out and  went sailing, went on a dive, was shuttling my housekeeper to training as it seems she is more than just talented, shuttled my daughter around to her various social activities, helped a colleague for a raffle/BBQ at our work and on and on it goes. And in between, I worked.  It seems that now and then you just get overtaken by ‘living’.  A million little things, all insignificant on their own, but when strung together, they make up your life. And so I had nothing to blog about.
Getting the sail boats ready
And then came by blogging break. Just one hour ago! My housekeeper, as you may remember, runs for pleasure. And so her trainer sent me a message me yesterday to make sure she got to this 10 kilometer cross-country race in Arsoun this morning. I had no idea she was signed up, but he’s signing her up for all kinds of races, and she’s loving it!
Getting ready for the dive on the AUB Reef
Well, he just sent her picture through on What’sApp; First place in her age category, and what’s even more cool, First Place in the overall category. So she seriously kicks ass! Her next race is on May 26, for the 10K women’s Challenge Race, and her trainer (I should name him, he’s really awesome in taking her under his wings, Roger Bejani. And her team mates, who run with her as well!) says she’s got ‘podium possibility’. Watch out for her, and come and cheer her on!!! 
The deeper message is of course that most of you have a housekeeper in the house, yet how well do you know her? Do you know what her interests are? Her talents? Do you know the names of her brothers and sisters? I admit, mea culpa, that I only found out by accident. There must be people out there that are hidden gems in something. And just because economical circumstances forced them to enter the profession of housemaid, doesn’t mean they lose those interests and talents. It is something to think about.
I hope mine can go professional. That she can make in one race what she makes with me in a year!!
First Jump into the Mediterranean Sea this summer

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Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a few months, and have enjoyed reading about your housekeeper's running exploits. I was delighted to read about her success over the weekend, and wish her the best of luck for the 10K at the end of the month!!