May 22, 2017

Women's Race

Ladies on the run

I cannot really pinpoint this loss of inspiration. Is it because of a change in jobs, and I feel invigorated to learn new things and try different approaches. Is it because I am more active in Instagram? Or because I am so incredibly busy with life? Is it because hubby likes me to join on his hikes and adventures? Is it because a partner in crime has moved? Is it because I no longer use a camera, just a phone? Or is it because Beirut no longer inspires? I do not know, but for some reason, there is little to write about.

last minute advice from the man who usually is her running partner

I do plenty of things, and then I write a post, and reread it, and I think “Mwwwwaaaa. . . . no.” And then I drop it. Or the post is fine but the pictures are ‘moyenne’, Like this, of course, I’ll never end up posting anything. So let’s just post something.

Team mates

Sunday was the annual 10 K Women’s Race.  I don’t run, but the lady working in our house, Aregu Sisay Abate, does.  She wins quite a few of these races in Lebanon, she’s good on the 10 and 20 K. Last month she ran with another 24,000 people the half marathon in Berlin. And out of the 24,000, she ended up being #39, and 12th in her age category. She ran the 20K in 01:24:46, which was a personal record.

But since running is picking up as a sport in Lebanon, and these events pull in more and more people, the organizers get people from outside to lead the field and bring down the time. And so Aregu is now up against professional runners. But she holds on quite well. Although last weekend she did not win, (She came in 6th, an amateur, with 5 professional runners ahead of her), she did break yet another personal record, 37:43 for 10K. Not bad at.

And what else was memorable last Sunday? The traffic. If only the roads were like this 24/7.

And that’s it for today.

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Kristi Lonheim said...

I'll take your "Mwwwwaaaa" any day! Thanks for sharing it rather than letting it languish in drafts or deleting it. Heck, I'll even take a post without pictures!