September 13, 2016


Found a bird up in the mountains. Found it flapping around the field, unable to get up and fly.
Hunting season is in full swing, and you practically have pellets raining down on you as you hike. They shoot at anything that moves, and often don’t even track what they shoot. Hence this beautiful
bee eater, or warwar in Arabic, shot in the wing, on the road. They pass by twice a year on their migration between Africa and Europe.

I am not into eating birds, which is a bit of a local delicacy, so I do not get the whole bird hunting thing. This one was easy to catch, but what to do with a wounded bird? They only eats insects while flying, but will ignore them as it perches on a branch.  

I found one a couple of years ago. Same scenario; a hunter not picking up what he shot. That one didn’t make it.

It's a beautiful aqua-greenish bird, with a long beak. 
"Take it out of its misery," suggested hubbie, who can break little bird necks without flinching. But I cannot. The bird shop owner in the village knew what to do; he splinted the fractured wing with cardboard and surgical tape.

“Give it water and maggots. If it is not dead yet in two days, it will live. Then come in 10 days, and I’ll renew the splint.”

We’ll see what happens.


Anonymous said...

Very very sad!! This love of hunting is sick!!

Anonymous said...

How is the bird? So many people would have loved to shoot it with a camera. The only way birds should be shot.

Sietske said...

Bird is still alive!! I am kind of surprised myself, but I think he might make it.

rob said...

Has it made it? I really, really hope so...