March 05, 2016

36 Times

This picture was a bit of a fail too; dog got in front of the camera.

I just read that we failed to elect a new president. It could happen to the best of us; failing to elect a president. Unfortunately, this is the 36th time. Yep. 36th time. I am not making this up. You need a 2/3 majority to hold a vote, and apparently, that’s been a bit of an issue the past 2 years for the 128 members. Somehow, they don’t show up. At least not enough of them.

36 times! Isn’t anyone as perplexed as I am? It is just fantastic!! I know it’s all political, but somehow it is mind-boggling that these politicians, who are supposed to be working for you and me, obviously are not working for you and me at all, let alone work for the interest of you and me, but rather for higher powers who decide over us.
This one is slightly better

In the meantime, we all hang in limbo. The weather is slightly bi-polar too. One day it is summer, the next day we’re back in winter. The ski season is over: this region is experiencing the driest period of the last 900 years. If I were a ski-operator, I’d know what to do. The beach club operators however, haven’t started yet. If you want to go to the beach, you’ve got to slum it. And so we do. Plenty of beaches around.
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