February 03, 2016


I went skiing this weekend. Didn’t fight with anyone in line. You’d have been proud of me. I only made one nasty comment to a lady who practically flung herself in from the side lines, and only talked aloud to myself a few times about horrendously inappropriate line behavior displayed by people next to me, and maybe a little about people in front and behind me as well, but otherwise, I behaved well.

It did help that there was a notorious absence of long lines. The current economic situation is having an impact on all parts of society, and especially expensive activities such as skiing suffer.  Even the traffic up and down was – by all means – very light. Yet all over Faraya you see these very fancy construction  projects. Somebody must have high hopes for the future.

It is mid-winter, but you wouldn’t think it. The weather has been fantastic this past week. Clear blue skies, warm temperatures during the day, cool/cold at night. Perfect for skiing. Lucky are the ones that are free during the week, when you have entire slopes to yourself. And cheaper lift tickets.

Not much more to say. Enjoy the pictures.

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