February 15, 2016


This was my gratefulness moment of the day: Having taxi cab rides for 2,000 pounds a ride (1 euro)
I am doing a #365gratefulproject, where  - for 365 days -  I have to record something that made me grateful that day, for 365 days in a row. 366 days, a friend pointed out,  as February has 29 days this year; it's a leap year. I am on day 59 now, and it goes pretty smooth so far. But then again, there are so many things I can be grateful for.
There's the weather, the country, the possibilities, the diversity, the choices and the fact that I have a steady income. There are the many things one can be grateful about with friends (having them) and family (their health and happiness), and then there are the 100 and 1 little things on a daily basis that one tends to overlook now and then. And when one think of grateful; isn't 'great full' a better spelling. Full of greatness?
I, for one, today, am grateful that there are actually people reading me, and that they leave me little notes now and then. I do not (actually almost never) reply, but it does not mean I am not grateful for their interest. I have met - virtually - quite a few interesting people through this blog. One of them just sent me a note about the fact that it was actually 11 years ago (how true), not ten. Thanks Fadi!!
Another reader started writing me now and then when his grand daughter did an internship here in Beirut, and he was sort of checking out what place this Beirut really was. Now she is a published writer, and suddenly her name pops up on the internet and I am thinking "I know her grandfather!!"
And so today is all about gratefulness.


Anonymous said...

Your photos are over-processed. Instagrammed.
They used to be better.

-paul said...


Sietske said...

Mijn camera is stuk, en ik ben te lui om een nieuwe te kopen, doe nu alles met mijn telefoon. Dus daar gaat al de helft van de kwaliteit. Daarnaast vind ik dat plastic wel wat hebben, niet?

Anonymous said...

Nee. Koop nou maar een camera, je ziet het verschil. Of koop een telefoon met een goede camera, maar dan ben je 600 euro verder.

Fadi said...

Such a wonderful surprise to receive a mention in a blogpost titled Gratefulness. Made my heart skip a beat. :)

Paul zeidan said...

I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles and your photos. all of them make me miss my homeland

Anonymous said...

So glad you're writing, photographing and sharing your insights. You were missed last year. Greatly. And now I look forward to seeing your work, and delighting to find posts even during the week! Bonus. Please keep up the good work.

From a Beirut neighbor.

P.S. One of your stories keeps coming back to me: When the taxi van had your back, after your stuff, including valuables, fell out the back of your truck. A good story to remember during the shitty moments...

Anonymous said...

op Amazon koop je de Nokia Lumia 1020 voor 260 US$. Dat is voor niks, dat ding heeft een perfecte camera en je kunt er nog meer bellen ook. Kostte een jaar geleden nog 600 US$. Y.

Anonymous said...

oh, in Nederland is hij ook al afgeprijsd:


Sietske said...

Mijn Iphone doet t ook goed

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