September 22, 2015

Falling Apart

No, I am still in country.

The state of my camera

But my personal status seems to be a pretty good representation of the current situation in the country. My camera, which I found again, is in a poor state; The screen is broken, and it’s held together with scotch tape.

The state of the elevator

The screen of my phone is broken too, and none of the 3 power cords that I have actually charge the phone.
I just dropped off my computer at the repair shop with – yes, you guessed right – a broken screen, while the power cord of my back-up computer isn’t functioning properly either (I’ve got 15 minutes left!) and my car has been in the garage (computer broke down) since August 20th.
I just came back from the computer shop, and found out the elevator was being repaired (I live on the 12th floor).
Dare I mention the state of the electricity?
The old aunt in the house is perpetually angry these days; she’s in a state of total war fare with the housekeeper, and she has now earned herself the nickname ‘Grumpy’

We had a heat wave and then a sand storm, which resulted in four days of intense cleaning and mopping the floor (over and over and over again), and then when the rain came, it did not give us any respite, because we have to worry now that it will wash away the over two months accumulated garbage straight into the sea. Just when I was thinking of taken up diving again. I guess not.

At least I still have my fabulous sunsets

And so I am doing pretty much like the country: falling apart and trying to hang in there. 


Elie Touma said...

Hold on Sietske. We all pass through some awful times. They too shall pass.(I hope).
I am glad you still have some optimism through watching sunsets and beautiful landscapes.

Marjolein Ridderbos said...

Keep going Siets!

Anonymous said...

phone broken, and camera broken. That is an easy one:

jacob galama said...

ik heb een LG L Bello D331 die ik niet gebruik.Hij is een week gebruikt maar toen kreeg ik een Samsung van Tien.Moet ik m opsturen=

Anonymous said...

You'll come through fine, Sietske and with your usual good humor and wry observations! If you need a boost, re-read "Why I live Here (Positive Lebanon), authored by none other than Sietske Galama! We need your blogs to keep us going, all of us, so we'll all roll through this together!

Anonymous said...

LG Bello?

Nee die wil ze niet...

Sabrina said...

Dear Sietske,

I hope you're doing well.
Thank you for the sunbeams with which I begin my work day.

Best wishes to you from Canada.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better! Sure miss your blog! warm warm regards!