January 17, 2015


It seems that Holland experienced its warmest year ever in 2014. We (as in Lebanese) felt that one too: it was the one winter ever without snow. I don’t remember any winters without snow in Lebanon, except that one.

There was this one winter though, when someone I know had planned a ski-event up in Feraya. He had hired a bunch of Austrian stunt skiers that were going to perform all kinds of awesome stuff on the slope. Free-style skiing was THE thing in those days. This event was supposedly going to attract all kinds of people to come up and spend their money in Feraya. Now he had to front the money for getting and lodging that Austrian ski team, but  - according to his calculations – he was going to make four times as much from the sponsors - which he had all lined up – and so that was okay.
And then it didn’t snow. He got all worried. 7 days before they’d arrive, and no snow. 6 days before they’d arrive, and no snow. 5 days before they’d arrive, and no snow. And he got all worried and depressed.
And then it started to snow. And it snowed. And snowed. And snowed. And snowed some more. And it just didn’t stop snowing. The Austrian ski team did eventually get here. By that time, the snow had pretty much reached the top of the ski lift pylons in some places. Skiing was not an option.

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