January 23, 2015

A Delineated Horizon

A delineated horizon

The horizon is delineated: the difference between sky and sea is easily visible due to a dark line or a different color. It may not mean much to you; a delineated horizon. I am reminded of the many Friday evenings I spent with friends after work at the Hard Rock Café. We had some fierce conversations there, interesting ones too.
Fishing boats on shore
For instance, that one conversation about how John F. Kennedy Jr, crashed his plane into the sea because the horizon was not delineated. Sea merged into sky, and so he did not know whether he was flying up or down. ‘Spatial disorientation’ they call it. It was down.
The many conversations we had on religion, sects, politics and ‘your guy’ and ‘my guy.’ About the slipper guy, colleagues, and the interesting stories that were shared by those that would join us. We had waiters sit with us, discussing their research project at university, and if they’d go for their masters abroad, what university should they go to. The waiters knew our ‘the usual’. The triple sec Marguerita in a 16 ounce glass on the rocks, the nachos with everything on the side except for the cheese, the burger that had to be grilled down to hockey puck consistency.
Beautiful sea water colors
We’d talk shop, and laugh and complain, and plan a road trip on Route 66, but better hurry, before we;d need walkers. We’d discuss the troubles of taking care of an elderly mother from a distance, the sale of a house in Baghdad and the search for one in Canada, childhood memories, and shared stories. We laughed a lot.
The Corniche

The Hard Rock is gone and so are many of that group. Yet every time I see a delineated horizon, which is usually after a storm, I am reminded of the many Friday evenings we spent after work at the Hard Rock Café.
4 children contemplating life
"Ooops, mom left!"

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