October 08, 2014

Silence before the Storm

No no, not some metaphor of the current political situation (although that'd be pretty accurate); we have an actual thunder storm heading our way, and the sounds and feeling of impending doom is just overwhelmingly beautiful.

Just saw one of the most amazing sun sets; but I was stuck in traffic, and had left my camera at home. It’s the sunsets right before an impending thunder storm when clouds are at their best. All that was left for me was a lousy picture from the balcony, blocked by crummy buildings, one of which survived an attempt to be blown up last June.
The storm isn’t here yet; it’s hanging somewhere above the Mediterranean Sea, just off the coast of Egypt, and it isn’t very windy, so it’s not making much progress, but the fat raindrops have started falling. Amazing how you can track thunderstorms these days. For all those people that planned an outdoor wedding in Beirut tonight; so sorry, I’m afraid your table arrangements just got ruined, and the flowers are probably floating in the pool by now.  
This was a rather impromptu post.

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