September 23, 2014

In Hamra

 To all those nay-sayers that argue the Daash won’t stand a chance in Lebanon as nobody supports this kind of life-style, even the sunni muslims, I tell you: you’d be surprised.
Even in Hamra, which is probably the most non-religion affiliated neighborhood in town, you’ve got them. New posters that have appeared on walls in Hamra  basically call for you to go halal (follow the muslim dietary rules) or otherwise get the hell out of here.
I, as an agnostic entity, interpret that as pretty insulting. This is my part of town, has been so for the past 24 years, and I will be darned if someone tells me what I can and cannot eat.
So Daash doesn’t stand a chance? Just wait till the barbarians are at your doorstep, and suddenly you will see their supporters crawling out of little holes and from under stones, plastic slippers and all.
'You get what you pray for,' and 'Go Halal or Go Home.'
I call on Ahraf Rifi, our Minister of Justice, for an investigation. He’s good at these things. That’s what his job description is these days: call for an investigation because one or other religious group is being insulted. That is if he’s not banning  pornographic sites. I am not sure under what law that move falls, but we’re no longer allowed to watch porn. Beheadings are okay, though. (Here's how to get around it, by the way)
These particular posters come from a club called ‘deen-over-dunya’, I am not sure who they are, cannot find them on the web.  The ‘Go Hallal or Go Home’ phrase comes from a muslim conference somewhere in Canada in 2011 (according to Google). It's getting closer to home, and they seem to feel the warmth of their fellow bearded brethren.
'Pray now and play later' (And may all the virgins in heaven be shriveled up old ladies)
So I will leave you with a more practical tip:  How to burn Islamic flags without upsetting muslims, now that we can still publish this kind of stuff without getting beheaded.


Elie Touma said...

Hamra is also my part of town. I like what you are saying and I agree completely. Thanks for the Internet tips as well!!

Anonymous said...

Well i certainly suggest you get off your horse...i haven't seen any of the posters you posted about. But, what if they are actually there ? this must be a group of people trying to encouraging youth for prayer and eating halal.

The media used can't be more friendly and relating to pop culture. the play on word refers to lyrics of pop music - / The Hardest Ever -

Nevertheless, you are being an extremist on your own. You are being over sensitive towards others peoples beliefs and not really tolerant.

Side note: the world wasn't waiting for your input to notice that sunni muslims do not support daash. there is no religion or at least proper belief that stands for what daash is doing.

Anonymous said...

The Problem with Islam is that it is not satisfied/fulfilled until all Muslims and non Muslims are obedient to it's (Barbaric) laws ( sharia anyone?). Intolerance of other's beliefs at it's best. Personally, I don't care what anyone's religious or non religious beliefs are, but there's a problem when everyone is forced to live their life according to that of one religion. You can Call my statement Islamaphobia, i call it defending my rights and liberties to say what I want to say and live as I choose without Islam forcing its belief/penalties on me and society as a whole. We should never be afraid to questions or criticize when our basic human rights are at stake.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the achrafieh district. :)

marz said...

Anonymous number 3 must educate herself / himself.. in the quraan there is a verse that says : فمن شاء فليؤمن ومن شاء فليكفر - "whoever wills, let him believe, and whoever doesn't will, let him disbelieve" .

Islam does not force anyone over anything, if you were unfortunate to meet the unpleasant muslims trust me there are many more muslims that u haven't met yet. Or you are simply the victim of false media.

Read about something before you comment about it. Islam is different than any extremist you mommy told you about.


Anonymous said...

I follow your blog for a long time and I have always appreciated your posts but this last post is abit misleading and gives a wrong image about lebanon and its culture. I know lebanon is not europe but you can't say that lebanese could easily be brainwashed by daesh policy. We are still a multiconfessional country and most muslims in lebanon are modarete compared to other countries. with respect.

Anonymous said...

from anonymous number 3-
I always find it interesting how those who defend Islam by claiming that it is a moderate religion, cannot live a moderate life style or find tolerance for differences outside the Islamic faith in countries with Islamic governments- Where is the moderation and tolerance in these countries?
The Islamization of Lebanon is an eminent fact and many Muslims will proudly proclaim the same. As the Christian population dwindles, so will the basic human rights and freedoms that you take for granted also dwindle. The Tripoli declaration that forced people of all faiths/non faiths not to eat in public during the months of Ramadan is just one example of many.

Firas said...

not all muslims represent islam as it is, the same goes to Christianity and Judaism. Some people reflect a bad image, but then u will have to choose if u want to dig in and know the truth about the religion or go with the misleading shells.

its naive some people think any religion can encourage people to terorize others. The lack of tolerance we are witnessing nowadays is very alerting.

Sietske your post is very disappointing and not expected.

:) said...

Do anyone here judge judaism by what Israel does ?? Why do u judge islam by daash and al kaeda ?? I'am a muslim and am proud of everything my religion implies.

Do not judge our religion, know Islam better.

HUMAN said...

Do not be shallow & narrow minded here people. You should not bash Islam without reading the holy Quraan and knowing this religion.