May 17, 2014

Take it to the Roof Tops


I could continue on this happiness theme a little longer. #things that make me happy in Lebanon. As you will have noticed, I haven’t quite figured out the function of hashtags, and refuse to do so as well. What made me happy today is seeing my neighbors making use of their rooftop.
Beirut, as any big city, has no green spaces. People have no gardens either, because everyone lives in apartments.  In the old days (i.e. pre civil war), the rooftop of a building was usually built slightly different that the floors below it, making it a little paradise with ample space for greenery, but modern construction has annihilated that idea.
The rooftops these days are reserved for water tanks and satellite dishes, unfortunately. My neighborhood, with plenty of pre-civil war buildings, still holds on to the old rooftop idea.
And this evening I saw that my neighbors have made proper use of it. Instead of sitting on your own, indoors, in your apartment, watching Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid on a small TV screen, why not watch it outdoors, with your friends, on a big screen?
Now that’s the spirit. Games are supposed to be watched with friends, not on your own. And that made me happy. Even though I couldn’t see the score. I could hear it though.
May 24 we have a Champions League play off (I am told, my knowledge of soccer equals my knowledge of hashtags): Real Madrid versus Atletico Madrid.  And then the FIFA cups starts. I think.
All of Beirut should be using its rooftops. So take it to the roof tops, people!


Anonymous said...

We talked about doing that for so long. Glad they finally made it happen!

Sietske said...

Yeah! That's your old rooftop!!

usman khatri said...

Normally they are supplied with a plastic facia , but I didn't like the look of this so I had some sink cut and folded so that I could edge the roof in that insted. metal roofing

usman khatri said...

To recap, this is what it looked like before the eco-roof was installed, this photo is from the fall of 2012. One of my first posts covered it in detail, if you are interested in the step-by-step and plant list, read about it here.roof repair