May 12, 2014

Beirut By Car

Two weeks ago, I had two accidents in two days. The first one wasn’t my fault; I got cut off by a nasty little old witch who – upon cutting me so horrendously that she hit my car with her left side – came storming out of her vehicle while screaming whether I knew how to drive, nasty body language and all. In Holland we’d say “a fishmonger’s wife”.

The second accident was my fault. I was looking at some flowers while the lady in front of me stopped for a speed bump. She had a Volvo and I’ve got a plastified American.

She had a little dent. I had to be towed down to Beirut.

And I had visions of those Russian Disaster Videos on Youtube, that show compilation after compilation of horrific crashes, ridiculous accident and bizarre driving behavior. Had I had it on tape, I would have so put this lady who cut me off on Youtube and publically vilified her. I mean, you cut me off; it happens. You hit my car; it happens. But you come out of the car and aggress and accuse me? I don’t think so.

So when I was in Holland, I saw in a drugstore a mini dashboard camera for a ridiculously cheap price. I didn’t think it was really going to work, but it was worth the try. And does it work? It works!!! And it is fun. Saturday I had my first test run (see down) and here’s the result. I put it on 8x speed, because I don’t think you can bear watching me drive through Beirut for 30 minutes, but I am telling you, there’s more to come!! And I am not the only one, there’s lots of people doing it.


Anonymous said...

if only you could really drive around beirut that fast! :)

Tracey said...

Love this! A great way to get a sense of the city. Will sending this as a link to friends in England who are visiting in August. Keep em' coming!