April 28, 2014

And Another Medal (Keep 'em coming)

I should be working, have got so much to do, but I had to share this one.
Yesterday, April 27, the ISF (Internal Security Forces) organized the 7th edition of the ‘Al  Wissamein’ Half-Marathon,  named after police captain Wissam Eid, who died in an assasination in 2008.
From left to right: Nicole Elias (Elite club 2nd), Aregu Abbatte (Inter Lebanon 1st), Nisrine Njeim (Inter Lebanon 3rd)
And who was the winner for the ladies? Well, it is getting predictable, but yes, it was again, Aregu Sisay Abate, the lady who works in my house. According to her trainer she “won it gracefully. "Haut la main"! In difficult conditions (warm weather for such a race and a very hard course), she was 3 minutes ahead of Nicole Elias, an elegant runner from Elite Club. Nesrine Njeim, Aregu's team mate, who had her second baby 2 months ago,  completed the podium with a well deserved 3rd place.”
I am pretty sure that all the female runners in Lebanon will sigh with relief when in November Aregu goes back home to Ethiopia. Finally they will have  a chance to get to that first place again.
I wasn't there, because I was in Holland. But if anyone has pictures of the event with her, and is willing to share them, I'd love to have them!

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