March 30, 2014

Why the Dutch Rock

One of my readers suggested that what Lebanon needs is more Dutch  (last line). I could not agree more.

Dutch ambassador to Lebanon, Hester Somsen, in Tripoli for the Bikeathon

Here’s another example of why: The city of Tripoli is in a bit of a pickle these days. Two opposing political views in neighboring parts of town (Bab el Tabene and Jabbal Mohsen) are in the process of bringing down the city. The country is well aware that what happens in Tripoli, is a sign of times to come, and so it is of vital importance that we stop it now. The town needs our support.
Many initiatives are being organized to focus on the things that do work in Tripoli, rather than on the problems. One of these initiatives took place this Sunday; The Tripoli Bikeathon, organized to profile Tripoli as a ‘city of peace’. “The event aimed at reflecting the real image of Tripoli; a city that loves life and rejects all types of violence and fighting.” (Source)

 The Lebanese Minister of Environment was there (Mohammad Machnouk), as part of the green movement, and as he’s an avid photographer, he took a picture of the Dutch ambassador, Hester Somsen, who came to show her support for the people of Tripoli! Did anyone see Tom Fletcher or David Hale?
That's why the Dutch rock.
(Pictures taken by Mohammad Machnouk)

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Brett Weer said...

No Dutch-person can pass up a chance for a bike ride.