March 03, 2014

Sietske in Bombay

I bet you thought this was Beirut. No, it's Bombay, where women are more independent than here. Maybe it's not independence. Could be assertiveness. Emancipated? Liberal? I don't know.
I was in Bombay for work last week, and that has placed things in perspective (for the time being).
You’re complaining about the traffic in Beirut? Go to Bombay, that’s what you call traffic; It’s one gigantic traffic jam, lasting from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
The noise pollution here annoys you? Go to Bombay, and Beirut will seem quiet to you.  
The garbage on the streets bothering you?  That’s not garbage! Go to Bombay, now THAT’s garbage!
ir pollution an issue for you in Beirut? Nahhh, spend some time in Bombay, and Beirut will smell like alpine meadows to you.
Are you bothered by the level of poverty here in town, and the widening gap between rich and poor?
After seeing what goes on in Bombay, we’re not doing so bad here in Beirut. Heck, even the poorest neighborhood and the crampiest camp can pass for middle class in Bombay.
I'd like to see more of this in Beirut: women in charge
But talk to people from Bombay, and they will all tell you the same: There’s nothing better than Bombay.
Sure, the town has a ton of issues (not to forget some 20 million inhabitants), but the place never sleeps. There’s always something going on in Bombay. Besides, the people are super friendly and the food is fantastic.
Sounds a lot like Beirut to me. Heck, they even have bombings, and security check points at all big malls!
Saris in a display case in Bombay
I could live in Bombay. But for the time being, I am living in Beirut, and gladly so.
A spice shop in Bombay. How about those cinnamon sticks?
And so, not much news from Beirut from me. The only things I noticed this morning, as I walked to work, was this wall of posters.
Now I do not know who this is, nor for what post he is running for, but he’s a candidate for something.
And if you would have election posters like this in Holland, there would be no end to the amount of jokes made over this one.
This however, IS Beirut.

What is he running for?  The National Lebanese Hit Men Club? Lebanese Association of Body Guards? National Academy of Mobsters? What is it that this gentleman could possibly be seriously running for in this attire? I am open to some good suggestions. 


PepsiCanPat said...

That's our new minister of interior :-)

Anonymous said...

The Lebanese Marlboro lights smokers' club