March 07, 2014


4 cats on a branch
I bet that’s what this cat at the end of the branch must be thinking. “Royally screwed.” She can’t go any further and there’s 3 potential lovers lining up . . . . Screwed indeed.
And there was one cat waiting downstairs, on top of the car,  to pick up the pieces, in case she jumps. Or gets pushed over the edge. It must be the season of cat love.  Yesterday I encountered Romeo and Juliet, today it’s a less romantic scene. This is just a gang rape. It was a good moment to lecture my daughter on the stupidity of men in general.

and one waiting downstairs

The cats that roam around the campus of the American University are for the most part sterilized or neutered; you can recognize them from the snipped ears, which they do after the operation, so they can distinguish between those cats that have been dealt with, and those that still need to be caught. It cuts down on the feral cat population.
Wow! There's another one climbing up
The mood in town is apprehensive, to say the least. People limit their activities to the absolute necessity, it seems. Malls are nice and quiet. My daughter’s otherwise busy social life is affected by it. A birthday party organized by a friend of hers had to change venue twice, because other moms pointed out about the potential bomb threat of the place.

Another birthday party might be cancelled altogether, because – as my daughter reported today – several children are not allowed to come because their parents won’t allow them in public places for the time being. It’s home –school - home for them, and nothing else. They must feel pretty screwed too, just like this cat at the end of the branch; nowhere to go.
I am not staying home. I will not let fear rule my life.
We now have five cats in the tree and one waiting below.

Although it does affect us too. Hubbie was planning on going to Tripoli for a demonstration for Lebanon last weekend. I am all for positive action, but really, Tripoli?
Why don’t you two come along?” he asked me, as he left the house.
Tripoli? Now? No, not really. I don’t mind hanging out there, but to be there in a large crowd for a demonstration is pushing it a bit, as far as I am concerned. Don’t they have snipers there these days? And with my daughter in tow? No, we’re going to stay in Beirut.
"I’ve got some shopping to do,” I replied.
 After ten minutes he calls me. “Where are you going shopping?”
“You’re not going to Dahiyeh, are you?” because he knows the southern suburbs are my favorite hunting grounds for good deals. “It’s not safe there right now, you know.”
 Hahaha. So we’re all screwed. Just like this cat at the end of this branch.

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Anonymous said...

"It was a good moment to lecture my daughter on the stupidity of men in general."

Well there is only one cat in a thight spot. Wonder who that one is. Regards Anne