November 16, 2013

He’s home.

Alive (although not yet kicking) In case you're wondering about the Hebrew writing in the background; that's an old Israeli ammo crate.

Our severely crushed and run-over dog. A broken hip, a crushed rib, a punctured lung and a concussion; yet he is alive. He limps, keeps tilting over to the right side (where he was hit), cannot seem to balance correctly, and he doesn’t see from his right eye either. His jaw’s a little skewed as well, if you ask me, he cannot wag his tail anymore and he’s got a rather glazed look. He sort of wobbles through the house now and then, cannot climb stairs (yet) and frequently bumps into furniture. Eating is an ordeal (he can only use one side of his face and mouth), and he frequently crashes in places in a rather crumpled-up position and then doesn’t move for hours.
But he’s alive! I didn’t think he was going to make it. Quite surprised at his stamina actually. It will take a while before he is his usual self (if ever); But this is one happy ending. I have to say, I am quite impressed with the vet that took care of him.
Last week, the government ‘forgot’ to pay our internet bill, and we were almost cut off from the internet as a nation; this week they are printing a new 50,000 LBP bank note with a typo; the incompetence on a governmental level in this country is incredible.  I therefore nominate the vet of the Centre Hospitalier Veterinaire as head of the government this country, because of proven competence. Heck, if you managed to get this dog back on his feet, you can run this country.


Anonymous said...

What's with the Hebrew writing on that box ?

visnja said...

Such a great news that he's back home and .... alive! He has such a beautiful eyes.
Thank you for sharing this piece of your life story. - Kahlil said...

Thanks for sharing, glad he's back home and hoping he makes a speedy and strong recovery!

My brother in law was carrying our bichon from one room to another yesterday and dropped it...thought his leg was broken at worst, sprained at best. Thankfully nothing was wrong and he's back up and running normally. I think I was a bit shell shocked after the story of Spike!