October 03, 2013

After Summer

You get good sun & sand, ...
It’s the end of summer. Almost. Still about a month left in the season, I reckon. But the beaches are a lot emptier on the weekend. I don’t quite get that, because the after-summer is the best season; you do not get charred in your chair anymore after a mere 10 minutes in the sun.
And so in our everlasting search for a cheap beach, a friend of ours suggested we try something next to Lazy B. It’s called Jiyeh Beach.
... straw umbrellas, ...

We love Lazy B, as it has sand, a lovely little lagoon where the kids can swim without being swept away by the current, it has valet parking, straw umbrellas, lifeguards and waiters and lounge chairs. But the price tag of 45,000 on a Sunday ($30) + 5,000 for the valet is a little steep if you go with 4 people (although they have reduced their prices since last weekend; it’s 25,000 on a week day, free for kids. Don’t know about the weekend though)
This beach is right next to it has the same sand, straw umbrellas, three little lagoons, a lifeguard, waiters and lounge chairs. And for 15,000 LBP on a Sunday,” our friend said (Thank you T!) .
... a  nice lagoon (with a life guard), ...
That’s $20 cheaper. So what do you not get?
The grass and pools on the upper side (my kids don’t swim in the pool).
The restaurants and menu choice. But we don’t go for the food; we come for the sun, sand and sea. Does it have the same feel? Well, Lazy B does know how to look good, they really make an effort to have the right furniture, colors, accessories and flowers. It’s very glamorous in a hip way.
... good lemonade, ...
Jiyeh is a little shabby. No valet parking, but the guy will place a card board box on your window shield (Not that it helps, but it’s the thought that counts, and it costs you 2,000 LBP).
But if you want to save some money, yet get the same sea, sand and sun as Lazy B, go next door. (I hope Lazy B. does not throw me off their Facebook page. I have not exactly been making a lot of friends lately on this blog L
...  and terribly scary Dutch women floating in the sea.

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