September 15, 2013

St. Balesh

One more week till the end of summer, but the beach is still calling. Schools all over town are all getting back to business. My daughter has been in class for two weeks now, the cousins started a week ago, some friend’s children will start this Monday while the very last batch starts next week. We’re in for another year.
Times are changing though. Whether it is the political situation, or whether the economical crisis has finally (after a 5-year delay) reached Lebanon, but we hear it more and more; people are having to change their spending patterns. Friend have had to close businesses, other have had to lay off employees, or have been laid off themselves. The Hard Rock CafĂ©, my TGIF venue for the past 8 years, closed its doors. All over town, colorful shop windows are being replaced by grey iron shutters.  We’re in for a tough stretch of time in this town. Even during the civil war business wasn’t this bad, I hear hubbie say.

People think twice for a choice of beach on Sunday. Do they really want to spend $150 for a beach entry  + food and valet parking for a family of four? Or will they try the St. Balesh beach (St. Balesh = free, i.e. public beach). It isn’t easy to find a good, clean & free beach, one that you can go to in bikini, but luckily we know quite a few. And they're just as good, if not better, as we're the only ones. And so we spent our Sunday afternoon on St. Balesh. Won’t tell you where though, because we don’t like sharing J .


Tarek Joseph Chemaly said...

The reason it is called St. Balesh is because of the proliferation of beaches having the words St. in them (either prior or during the war - St. Simon, St. Georges, etc...). So St. Balesh "saint for free" was nicknamed so as a retaliation from the masses.

Anonymous said...

So did you enjoy the freeeeeeezing cold waters of this particular St. Balesh? ;-)

Pepsi Can Pat

Sietske said...

Tarek, yes, You're right, and I am all for St. Balesh!!

Haha, Pesi Can Pat, I knew you'd recognize the place!!!! No, the water was lovely!! Were you camping out there? I saw a couple of guys and a tent.

pallavi puri said...

Hi Sietske,

Lovely pictures! May i add, you have a such a nice space here. Enjoyed reading the post :)


visnja said...

gorgeous little beach... wherever it lays .... thanks!

visnja said...

gorgeous little beach... wherever it lays .... thanks!