September 30, 2013

Can't Wait

This (see picture below) is the number of times I’ve called to get my car insurance renewed. It's quite complicated, it seems, because they cannot find the person that has to do it. They keep transferring me from desk to desk to desk to desk to oblivion.  And then I hear "tuut tuuut tuut", after some time. 

Am I calling too late in the day? Well, if I can work until 4:30, (and my bank until 5, these days)  then so can they.

And I still do not know whether it is renewed or not.  I am perfectly willing to pay. Just get me the paperwork. They said they’d call me back. Oh goodie, can’t wait.

Yep, my phone is in Dutch, in case you're wondering.

I give them one more day. And then I am changing insurance companies.


AROPE Insurance said...

Sorry & surprised about your complaint as our Call Center opens 24/24. Pld send us your contact details or call right now Ziad on our Hot line 1219 or +9611759999. Thanks

Anonymous said...

;-)) Dimphy

Anonymous said...

he zusje je belt al die tijd het verkeerde nummer. ja zo wordt het nooit wat. Y

Sietske said...

Dear AROPE Insurance,

I absolutely appreciate your comment.

I just called the hotline, but it is 5:16, and so the lady suggested I call back before 3 o'clock tomorrow.

I'll try and do that.
I will keep you posted/

Sietske said...

Nou broer Y, heb net de 24/24 hotline aan de lijn gehad, maar mooi dat om 5 uur iedereen daar naar huis gaat. Die 24/24 service is alleen voor noodgevallen. Ben ik niet, dus. Zal het morgen weer eens proberen. Het blijft tobben.

Customer Care said...

Hi! Kindly provide us with your contact details to handle your inquiry. Thank You

Sietske said...

Well, I'd like to provide you with the details, but I seem to have trouble getting in touch with you by phone. No pun intended.

My email is galama at cyberia dot net dot lb.

Anonymous said...

Wow the only swtiched on person seems to be the person replying here all the time. If this is what they are like when you are trying to give them money, imagine what they would be like when they are supposed to give you money. Not very promising.