June 08, 2013

Nothing Much

Three boys on a bike, coming down Sadat Street (against the traffic, of course). A happy scene. The lady on the right is ready to get her hand bag snatched.
And so my car apparently broke seriously down; it needs two weeks before they can get it fixed. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with the engine, the transmission, the steering column, the wheels or the exhaust. What’s wrong with it? The computer. . .  .  .  .

Yes. The onboard computer had a massive malfunction. As a result, my car refuses to drive. Now they need to get a new computer from the States. Reset it, I suggested. They merely laughed at me. I guess this is the last time I buy a car that is operating on a computer system. From now on it’s mechanical only.
Walking the neighborhood, together with the Pilipino maids who walk the children and the dogs.
I am carless (my computer wants to autocorrect it to careless). My son won’t let me lend his car. Hubbie rides a motorcycle. The old aunt is a service junkie. As a result, I’ve been kind of stuck around the house. This has forced me to slow down my life. I cannot get out of my neighborhood without some substantial planning. Hence, I am not venturing beyond the neighborhood. It’s a good thing the supermarket, my work, the school and the beach are all within walking-distance, but no more out-of-Beirut trips until further notice.
There's an increase of beggars in the street of Beirut. They're not Syrians, but I think it is the Syrian influx that pushes the poorer people deeper into Beirut.
You’d think with all this time on my hands, I’d be inspired to write a post. Not really. I cook (I hear some people laughing), I read, I walk the dog, hang around the house and get bored. I need 6 days of doing nothing before I can overcome boredom. No time to get un-bored; that will have to wait until the summer holiday.
Dinner table on the balcony, waiting for the family members to come home (I am not quite sure why 8 plates. Are we having people over for dinner tonight? I am usually the last to know).
School’s almost out for my daughter, and since they start early again (September 2nd, if I understood correctly), we will be making the annual trip to the Motherland pretty soon. I wonder if it is going to be the same as in 2006. I hope not.
Even this post was boring. Maybe the pictures can inspire you.


Miss Footloose | Life in the Expat Lane said...

For people not living your life the photos are interesting. Sometimes getting stuck gives you the opportunity to really look around and pay attention to things that normally would escape you. Well, you can try. Not so good at that myself, actually ;)

Sietske said...

Miss Footloose, ik denk dat ik mij inderdaad maar op de fotografie ga toeleggen. Sinds ik mij uit het politieke/nieuws schrijven heb terug getrokken, heb ik erg weinig te melden :)

Anonymous said...

Three boys on a bike, coming down Sadat Street (against the traffic, of course).

well in boring Fu@#$ europe they wouldnt do this. Ur robots following laws blindly!
Oh my god you are sooooooo boring.

And in holland no one steals Ohhh you dumb kingdom have looted so many coutries and now ur down to selling Hash!!!

Srsck said...

Ik kom stom toevallig op je blog terecht en vind het wel jammer dat ik jou niet ook soort van toevallig tegen het lijf ben gelopen in 2009 in Beiroet. Was wel leuk geweest om van een Nederlandse first hand te horen hoe het is om er te wonen. Ik was er toen voor het eerst in 18 jaar ik woon hier in Amsterdam, we zijn 3 maanden gebleven. Ik heb mijn kinderen mijn oude school en mijn oud huis laten zien, "kijk jongens hier komt mama vandaan". 3 maanden was te kort en te lang. Te lang voor het vakantie gevoel maar te ort om te weten hoe het echt is om er te wonen. Wel lang genoeg om te weten dat de post een ramp is overigens (las je andere post net daarover). Ben nu in dubio. To go back or not to go back. Ik ga je blog dus volgen :)