June 25, 2013

Annual Trek to the Motherland

Yep, that would be me!
The time has come again where I go for my emotional recharge to the Motherland (Holland, that is).
Lebanon is a country that requires you to use all your senses, 24/7, at its fullest. And after 10 months in country, I am physically, mentally and emotionally drained. I am sure most of you get to that stage way before that point, but I am a resilient person. And I realize I am lucky; I have a place to go. Many of you will need a massive amount of money (compared to the salaries most of us make) and a humiliating wait in an incredibly long line-up at a foreign embassy before you can even contemplate a retreat. I just need a ticket and I am out of here.
I will think of you as I lay in my parent’s garden, in a town where nothing ever happens for years on end, and where even the weather doesn’t change (it’s either slightly wet or very wet). My parents have moss growing in the garden, and the house roofs are coated with green algae; that should tell you enough.
I hope your summer will be quiet and safe (if in Lebanon), with an occasional shower to cool you down (although that is not very likely either).
TN.B. he picture isn't mine; click on it if you want to know it's owner.


Anonymous said...

'n Goede reis gewenst naar warme-truien-land. En als je in Eindhoven bent …… koffie??? D&M

visnja said...

Have a safe and happy travelings!!! V

Geanina Alina Danila said...

Have a nice vacation!!

Anonymous said...

Bank was blown up last night 300 meters from your parents house... Y.