May 25, 2013

Number 4

I know, there are much more urgent matters I could blog about, such as the situation in Tripoli  (an old aunt from Tripoli has had to vacate her house and is currently bunking with us), the dire predicament of the Syrian refugees , our slow descent into the ranks of the uncivilized and barbaric mass and the traffic, but I am going to ask you a favor:
Cheer for this number when you see her run the 10K in Beirut  tomorrow. Her name is Aragu Sisay (she’s too shy to pose for a picture, she says, hence the number), she's from Ethiopia, and it is her first real race. She's run before, but this is a biggie.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck to Aragu, keeping my fingers crossed she'll come out with a nice medal :)


Rami said...

Congratulations on the 3rd place!! Just saw you and Aragu on TV now! :)