April 02, 2013


Rauche at sunset

Some people in a boat near Rauche Rock at sunset
Got work. Got so much work, that I’ve got projects piled up for the next 5 weeks. Heck, even for the next 5 weekends. And I am thinking; what on Earth for? Everything I need I already got.  Sometimes I wish for a simple life, a frugal life. A life where you grow your own tomatoes, make your own laundry detergent and where you recycle instead of throw. A life off the grid. A life where you can sit in silence for two hours and do not feel like you wasted time. Hmmm. Maybe in five weeks, when I’m done with all the work.
An old cab driver on Bliss Street with the car he's probably had for some 30 years , if not more.
But for the moment, I’ve got work.


Beirut Drive-by Shooting said...

Always enjoy your posts and photos but I have to say, this is my favorite one. I get it. One day....the simple life.

Here's another nice photo of your taxi driver..

Habib Battah said...

Great pics. I'm sure that service driver wishes for the simple life too!

Liliane said...

Exactly! The simple life. Reminds me of that fisherman's story, with the businessman giving him tips on making fishing a more lucrative business, for at the end, he can have an easy life... fisherman answers, I already do?

Sietske said...

@Drive-by Shooting: I saw the mustache guy!!! Cool.
@Habib: The sevice driver hs a simple life; he probably wishes for one a little more affluent.
@ Lilliane: I am going to by myself a plot of land up north, and retire there. Maybe I'll take up fishing!!