April 22, 2013

Today's Rant

Beirut, today, at 7:03:42 PM (local time)
When I moved into this place, I had an unbroken sky-line. Well, you can see the rest of that story in this picture;  One-million dollar apartments and over.
I hope one big fat earthquake will all bring them down. Sorry about that folks, but I want my view back. My building is from the fifties, when they still spent money on quality, and I assume my building will survive this super-quake. With a little luck, part of the continental shelf will break off, and I will end up being beach-front property.
If we are still alive by then, I will enlighten you with pictures of super-fantastic sunsets; without buildings and construction sites and cranes blocking it. 
So. That was it for today's rant.

1 comment:

Nick said...

Sigh. Each morning I look out at the crane which is obstructing the last of out sea view. Soon itill be replaced by a 20 store monstrosity and that will be that.