March 18, 2013

Dutch Homeboys - 2 -3

It was a matter of time. The conflict in Syria has been dragging for two years now, but the Dutch are finally getting in motion. More and more Dutch are flying into town that are in one way or another connected to organizations that assist Syrian refugees.
But I am happy to announce that we also have a Dutch contingent inside Syria! Yes yes, I kid you not. A video has surfaced of a band of fighters, of whom a few speak Dutch. From their accent, you can detect a slight Moroccan tinge, indicating that we’re talking about sunni muslims here, and so probably they have joined some rebel type out of outfit. It seems that we, the Dutch, are one of the largest supplier of European fighters, although that’s hearsay, and I cannot verify that. Most seemed to have joined the Al-Nusra movement, a movement that is vying for an islamic state. Nothing much Dutch about that.
 Dick Schoof, the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism at the Ministry of Security and Justice in Holland typified them as being between ‘20 and 25, un-employed and poorly educated’.
“Not the whole times that camera. You’re filming the whole day,” you hear someone say, while another one asks “where is that camera?” in Dutch.

 The video is excruciatingly long and very boring, and I strongly suggest that after 20 seconds you quit it, as all the Dutch there is to hear has been uttered by then, but there you have it; some Dutch homeboys on Syrian land! It is not clear if the entire outfit is Dutch, or just a few.
I find it rather amusing in a way. These kids are city-slickers; they’re not used to the outdoors! And there they go into the wild, fighting well-trained Syrian soldiers, and, more interestingly, seasoned Hezbollah fighters. They don’t stand a chance against those boys. But maybe they’re fast learners.

Update: Well, my prediction wasn't far off. The first one has bitten the dust. A certain 20-year old Mourad M. apparently did not make it out alive, according to this source (in Dutch, sorry) . And so it is homeboys - 1. (20/3/2013)


Update 2:  A second one has died, according to this source. (21/3/2013) Homeboys - 2


Update 3:  It'd be funny if it weren't this sad. It seems a third one has died, according to this source. (25/3/2013). It is clear they are dropping like flies. Homeboys - 3

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Marcel said...

What's it that you exactly mean;
"It was a matter of time. The conflict in Syria has been dragging for two years now, but the Dutch are finally getting in motion?"

Referring to 'the Dutch', I guess you mean the 100+ Moroccan boys who also enjoy the Dutch nationality and decided to fight in Syria along with their Muslim brothers (?)
The Dutch Government don't want them to go-, and the Syrian Freedom fighters don't want them to come, due obvious reasons.
At best they're just cannon fodder.

In which country do you think these 'martyrs' want to be buried? In Holland?
Of course not. Their Dutch passport is just an insurance when things go wrong and they need an expensive treatment for post traumatic stress syndrome.
And a house.
And social benefits and grants.
And medical care.
And education.
... (for their family too of course)
Welcome in Holland!

When physically recovered they'll start again, without any doubt, their attempts to implement the Sharia in the Netherlands and ban our crown-jewels:
- Freedom of speech and expression.
- Freedom of religion.

Personally I don't care about their safety. It's their own choice, though it's against the Dutch law to fight for a foreign power. Hopefully they'll be stripped from their Dutch nationality on arrival at Amsterdam.
But you and I both know that won't happen.

It's a sick world.