February 10, 2013

Today is Just Perfect

When life’s too busy, I get stressed. When it’s too slow, I get bored. Today is just perfect.
Beirut; 6:35 AM this morning (If you click on it I think it gets larger. Maybe)
 Yesterday I had planned to go skiing with my daughter. The weather had been absolutely gorgeous this week. Clear and sunny skies, almost T-shirt like temperatures, and if it continues this way, that will be an early demise of our already short ski-season. She is not very compliant on her own when it comes to skiing, but does much better with a particular friend.
And so the friend comes along.

I get a call from a former classmate of hers. She is in town: “Can I come and play?” No, but you can come along and ski with us.

My husband’s cousin also shows up in town. We tell her: “Why don’t you come along and spend the day up in the sun and snow?”

A nephew calls: “Do you have a place for me in the car? I’m going boarding with some friends.”

And just as we get in the car, my daughter announces: “Oh, I told so and so to come with us as well.”
On the parking lot in Feraya, I spot my son. I haven't seen that guy since Thursday night. Isn't he supposed to go to school at some point in time? Maybe he can lighten my load on the way down, and take the nephew?
"No mom, I got 6 people already." I know the kind of 'people' he transports; they’re all huge and clunky teenagers with 2 meter-long boards.  

And while my daughter pipes in my ear that she forgot her ski-jacket at home, I get a phone call from a friend who says: “You didn’t forget about dinner tonight, right?” Right.
Daughter & company. The snow is melting really fast now.  
And so today, I am planning absolutely nothing! I am going to sit on my balcony and do nothing. Let’s see how long I can sit there and do nothing.
Let’s see what will pop up. Hmmmm, I think the balcony table needs a new layer of oil. I see there’s a screw missing on one of the chairs. Oh, that outdoor light doesn’t work.
Let me get my tools . . . .

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