January 24, 2013

Peeling a Little Apple

He has proven he can drive on snow and ice, he has shown he is a responsible driver, and so this morning, for the first time, my son went up alone in his car, with his cousin, three friends and five snowboards.  They’re off for a full day of heavy-duty boarding. A shovel went along to dig some ramps. 
As mentioned before, I can set off a canon next to his bed on weekdays and he won’t wake up; but when it concerns snowboarding, he’s up at the crack of dawn.
And so he’s gone. He made it to the slope in one piece; he’ll be alright while he’s there. All I need to worry about now is the way down. I mean, he's legally allowed to fight in a war, but he's still got a -teen in his age. But I was all relaxed.

Update: I just had to share this photo: Totally  awesome! Sheikh Ahmed on the slopes.  Is he wearing Oakleys? Source
That was, until I read that this Ahmad el-Assir guy also went up to Feraya. Not only is this dude into twitter, swimming, water polo and biking, no, it seems now he’s a boarder too. I am all for a healthy life style, and if this sheikh wants to go skiing, kudos for him. 
Okay, it’s a little odd that he’s taking a busload of supporters with him. They all ski?  A former minister (Khazen) said that he thought “Assir’s visit is suspicious.” 
Suspicious?  Naahhh, are you kidding? What’s wrong with a sheikh on a board? 
But I am telling you, if this in any way impedes my son’s descent down that mountain, the sheikh and I will be peeling a little apple (Dutch expression).

I wonder if sheikh Ahmed is a regular or a goofy. My guess he’s a goofy.
An addition to my Dikkaneh series (See July and August of this year); Here I caught them in the act of filling the wicker basket.


Anonymous said...

LOL sure its Okley shade. They have a rich sponcor!!! They can afford it...
Guess hes goofey!! bet he rides a Burton too!!

Anonymous said...

Al Sheikh assir in Alors on danse الشيخ عسير في

Al Sheikh Assir in Faraya الشيخ عسير في فاريا