January 31, 2013

Last One this Month

One of the very few streets in town that we know by its actual name: Rue Weygand
Last day of the month. Almost made it to a picture a day this month, weren’t it for the fact that I was rudely interrupted by indeed the corrupt services of our Internet situation. We’re 150 out of 180, my brother mails me. And the internet isn’t getting any better due to corruption and a monopoly. As such, we shall suffer like Job for many more years to come.
This was going to be a nice picture, but my daughter ruined it . . . Downtown Beirut
Where was I? Oh yes, a picture a day. Well, that is not going to make it either. As I have indicated earlier, that new year’s resolution was a bit overambitious; I have way too much work to be able to do that, and so I am going back to my old habits: I’ll post when I am inspired. But I will leave you with some last pictures of the month of January: Downtown Beirut.
This particular mosk is not one of my favorites; it's not Beiryt architecture but rather Saudi chic. Still, the skies were so beautiful . . .  Oh, and there is my daughter again.
I had to pick something up, and the light was so gorgeous in the evening, that I had to take some pictures. I have so many pictures now, that I have had to resort to external hard drives (I think I am on number 3). I think that maybe I publish only about 4% of the pictures I take. I wonder if - in 50 years from now, when I will be docile and frail - I will be surfing through all these images, and if I do, will r I will still remember it all? I am horrendously nostalgic. I will probably regret then why I did not enjoy it more now. “But I did!” I shall tell myself, “I did enjoy myself.” And indeed, I do enjoy myself, although I do believe that I should more often just stand still, look at something and realize how satisfying it can be, just realizing how good life it.  That is, if life is good to you. Life is good to me, but I believe that you can force good things to come to you.  

A last one of the Corniche, which I took because I liked that patch of light on the mountain

And then, while I look zap through my 5 trillion pictures, it will all come back to me. How my daughter, annoyed with the fact that her mother – forever and ever – was always taking pictures, made it the habit to jump in front of the lens. I will remember that. Will I be in Beirut, when I zap through them? I hope so.
I was trying to make a picture of the beautiful light in this Beirut street. To no avail. That girl again. I will remember that, I think.

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