January 26, 2013


Faraya yesterday, after the slopes closed (the snow cats are at work in the background) 

A Facebook friend was wondering if I actually work now and then. Judging from my pictures, it seems all I do is engage in outdoor activities,  holidays and socializing with friends.
Don’t let that fool you. I actually do work, quite a lot, although truth must be told, in the past 30 days, I think I have worked a total of 12 full days, but that has been an unusual time. I’m back to normal work hours again, and then I clock, with everything included, prep time and the like, some 50 hours a week.

I make it look like life in Lebanon is all glamorous and fun and relaxing. Only the real Lebanese know this not to be the case. I have just gotten out of a government building where I needed to get a little paper. And although I was successful at my task, it did take most of my Saturday morning.

I just cull my pictures better than most. And I’ve got a camera in my back pocket all the time.

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