December 01, 2012

Indian Summer

It’s the Indian Summer here; The last bit of summer just before winter will hit us. 
Today I was out in a T-shirt, and I was way up in the mountains, some 1,800 meters high! The colors are beautiful way up there, unlike Beirut. We still eat out on the balcony, that’s how warm it is! Okay, with a sweater on. To think that in one month from now, there should be enough snow (if global warming permits us) for skiing.

The nice pavement and line on the road might fool you; it IS Lebanon though. In one month, this place should be covered in snow.

 I am kind of lost, as I am typing this on a 5cm2 screen of my note book; my computer has crashed. It’s been hectic lately. First work in Turkey (on Thanksgiving, very appropriate as someone pointed out to me), than an enormous work load at work, while  at the same time organizing a dinner and a birthday,  have my car pass the annual mecanique, deal with a total computer crash  (still in the shop; I am awaiting the verdict but the hard disk could be ‘heard’ operating, and that is not a good sign, according to the repair man) , accompanied by more work in the mountains, and then, to make matters even more complicated, I changed phones. I went from my lovely old-fashioned flip-model, which served my so well for the past 8 years, to an ultra-modern  ‘hand-me-down’ smart phone from my son. I am at the bottom of the pyramid in this household when it comes to technological devices. My children are currently explaining me how to get viber and what’sapp, and I’ve had to type in my password over a million times now to verify everything, ending up in all kinds of chat groups my kids have signed me up for but that I have no desire to be in. 
In the meantime, I do not know anymore how to send and receive messages, and when I hear my phone ring (can’t even recognize my ringtone) I don’t know how to pick it up. Too many changes.. Sigh . . . 

Sun rise over Beirut in this morning

I want my old phone back, and my slow life. 
Thank god we’re all for positive discrimination here; While going to have my car pass its yearly inspection, I encountered a line from here to Sidon (that’s some 40 km). I was about to give up, when I was told that the ‘niswein’ (women) had a different line up; a much shorter and nicely sheltered one. That definitely made my day.  

In the meantime, I enjoy the Indian summer, and wait till life goes back to normal.

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Anonymous said...

hoi Sietske,
Het lijkt een beetje als in de Ardennen

Emie said...

heerlijk verhaal met veel herkenning (afgezien van de Indian Summer)

Veri Kurtarma said...

Thanks for sharing!